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Quick mention: Donate if you can!

I wrote about Rocko’s Modern Life and Joe Murray a few weeks ago, and, by coincidence, I managed to find his blog! He’s working on a cartoon, and has a fairly intriguing idea: an online, all-cartoon network called KaboingTV (The real CN actually shows live-action stuff now; no matter how they justify it, it’s still a load of crap). He even read my blog – or at least my entry about free-range animation.

He needs some donations, though, and he’s working on it through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a platform (I actually suggested it to him) where you pledge a certain amount of money to donate, and you have two results: if he makes his financial goal, you get a reward (based on how much you donate) and the money is withdrawn. If he doesn’t make his goal, you lose nothing. It’s a safe win-win, and I would love to see this come to fruition. Imagine: cartoons made by talented people with little to no restrictions about content or language. Could be great!

Check out his video about his idea and his newest ‘toon, Frog in a Suit, and see if you can throw at least five bucks his way!


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