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Still Alive post

Every couple of months I disappear from this blog, but I assure you it’s for good reason every time. This recent hiatus had me utterly absorbed in finishing up some TV spec scripts for three different contests coming up: ABC/Disney Fellowship, the National Latino Media Coalition, and the WB Writer’s Workshop. In addition to writing and re-writing the necessary specs to submit to these contests, I have been filling out tons of forms and revising my resume and scribing submission essays. I feel like I’m applying to college again. In a funny way, I kinda am.

Luckily all of this will be done by next week, when I print everything out and send it off into the void, hoping to get chosen for at least one of them. I also may take a small break, as I’ve been throwing so much stuff down on paper that I’m somewhat worn out. I’ll post a thing here or there but I do need to get back onto the Survival Instincts webtoon and concentrate on some other real life concerns, at least until the summer. Then it’ll be back to the blog posts. I hope I can start engaging in some type of recap of animated shows and other overlooked goodies – I managed to find a few friends who want to watch them along with me.

We shall see.


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