And the winner of the Great Pig-Off of 2013 is…

Pig-Off Victory

As Reddit and some Facebook friends predicted, Miss Piggy won the Great Pig-Off of 2013! She swept through her opponents, crushing Piglet, Colonel Spigot, and Porky with ease. She then stared down Waddles into his fat, pudgy, adorable face, and claimed her victory with ease.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote, along with all the likes, favorites, shared, retweets and other social media buzzwords that you can do with a project like this. I actually enjoyed putting this feature together, although it was tricky to keep up with the schedule, especially when work started to really pressing down on me. I’m hoping to put together another similar contest a few months down the line, but first I need to figure out a list of creatures to bracket. We shall see.

Thanks again, and congrats to Miss Piggy! It’s no marriage to Kermit, but it is a huge achievement!


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