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Tumblr Tuesday – 08/13/13

Another short Tumblr Tuesday:

— I plead to keep Bowser’s baddassery intact by getting rid of his crush for the Princess:

— The official recipe for Tiana’s beignets from the The Princess and the Frog:

— Disney goes into “OOH SNAP” mode:

— And photographic evidence that the the image of the overly muscular male is definitely a male power fantasy and NOT an oversexualized image for females:


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The Great Pig-Off of 2013 – Round 2!

Round Two Pig-Off brackets

Welcome back to the Great Pig-Off of 2013. We’re into the second round now, and the contest is starting to heat up. I’ll be providing a couple of thoughts and observations before each set of new brackets, so you have an idea of how the voting went and maybe get an idea of the next round.

I) Wilbur v. Babe

Wilbur won in a landslide against the vicious Napoleon, which probably means there were some spider-lovers out there. Likewise, Babe had an easy victory over Maxwell, which is surely a sign that people hate insurance companies, over-indulgent commercials, or both. So now we pit the tiny, introverted, helpless pigs against each other in one of the two most intriguing brackets of this round. Will Wilbur win over the hearts and minds of his fans with some fancy webbed wordplay? Or can Babe “BAA-RAM-EWE” his way into a straight-forward, non-aggressive victory? This one genuinely has my interest piqued.

I think Babe is going to pull it off here in the end. He’s a little more part of the public conscious than Wilbur is.

Wilbur or Babe?

  • Wilbur (73%, 33 Votes)
  • Babe (27%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 45

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II) Pumbaa v. Waddles

The second most nail-biting round pits Timon’s not-at-all significant other against Mabel’s definitive significant other. Pumbaa trounced Harry Plopper, AKA Spider-Pig, presumably because The Simpsons Movie for some reason plopped two pop culture references on one animal, which, what? The real contest of the first round was the immensely close battle between Waddles and Abner, which seemed like a battle between nostalgia lovers and current cartoon aficionados. Well, the aficionados won by a slim margin, netting Waddles the win. So now comes the toughest block of the brackets – does Pumbaa’s random bouts of brilliance trump Waddles darling eyes of innocence?

Really tough call here, but I think Pumbaa is going narrowly get the victory, since my readership skew a wee-bit towards nostalgia than modernism. But the new Gravity Falls episode tonight might change a lot of people’s ideas.

Pumbaa or Waddles?

  • Waddles (81%, 43 Votes)
  • Pumbaa (19%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 53

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III) Ganon V. Porky Pig

I was somewhat surprised that Ganon decimated Pey’j so readily, doubly so when no one gave me too much crap over the fact that Ganon isn’t quite a pig any more. Porky, on the other hand, had a landslide win over Hamton – no surprise there. So here we are, the representation of true evil versus the representation of true… neutrality. Will Ganon’s tyrannical rule spread to the Looney Toons landscape, or with Porky’s speech impediment “impede” Ganon’s onslaught?

A tricky one, but I’m leaning for Ganon. Cool bad guys tend to always get ahead in these things, and The New Looney Tunes Show doesn’t exactly do Porky any favors.

Ganon or Porky?

  • Porky (61%, 25 Votes)
  • Ganon (39%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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VI) Miss Piggy v. Colonel Spigot

Miss Piggy is why I had to redo the contest, and sure enough, she overwhelmed little Piglet into non-existence.  The BIGGEST surprise was Colonel Spigot nudging out in front of Porco Rosso. The goofy, whiny character from the mostly forgotten but insanely underrated Talespin beating a fairly badass character from a Miyazaki film? I didn’t see it coming. Now the question is the Thembrian Air Force commander overtake Miss Piggy’s sweet-and-sourness? Or will the infamous Muppet pig “HI-YA!” her way through the blue warthog’s soldiers?

Most likely an easy Miss Piggy win here; I love Colonel Spigot, but Miss Piggy managed to win so many hearts (aside from Kermit’s).

Miss Piggy or Colonel Spigot?

  • Miss Piggy (80%, 37 Votes)
  • Colonel Spigot (20%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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Vote today! Polls will close next Friday, then on to Round Three!


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The Great Pig-Off of 2013!

PLEASE NOTE: Normally, I wouldn’t do this – it’s usually in bad taste, makes the author seem wishy-washy, and suggests things could change at the drop of a hat. But missing Miss Piggy I felt was too big a mistake to let go. So I threw out all the results, revised the brackets (sorry Pig from Back at the Barnyard!), and reposted the polls again, to really find out who the best pig is. Sorry for this, but I definitely thought it was a necessary change. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please vote again!

Dear internet: the flamewars need to stop, now. I hate going to various websites and seeing the comment section erupt into a battle of… non-wits over this. It sickens me. I know we can do better, but until this thing is put to rest, we will continue to belittle and bemoan everyone and everything they stand for.

This ends now.

PigOff Brackets

The Great Pig-Off of 2013!


Finally, in our great history of noteworthy pigs, boars, warthogs, and pig-boar-warthog-men, we will determine beyond a shadow of a doubt, which pig is the best pig of all time. OF ALL TIME. The results of this bracket cannot be contested. The final outcome will be law, the next amendment to our great and wonderful Constitution. Any and all protest will be dealt with immediately. Void where prohibited.

Vote now. Get your friends to vote. Your family. By gunpoint if need be. Because this is the end of all things. Of all PIG things. RECOGNIZE.

I) Literary/Allegorical Edition

1) Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web) – The venerable star of this classic children book is a comely, fat oinkster who comes dangerously close to being chopped up into bacon and perhaps some ham. Luckily, plucky spider and blood-sucker arachnid Charlotte uses her extreme spelling skills to shock humans into thinking that Wilbur is terrific and radiant. What does she get for her efforts? An overly-dramatic death scene. Still, Wilbur ends up taking care of her three sickly spiders children (of the millions that hatch and haul ass). Some pig indeed.

2) Napoleon (Animal Farm) – I regret admitting I have not read this book, so I will let Wikipedia sum it up: ” ‘A large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar, the only Berkshire on the farm, not much of a talker, but with a reputation for getting his own way’. An allegory of Joseph Stalin, Napoleon is the main villain of Animal Farm. In the first French version of Animal Farm, Napoleon is called César, the French form of Caesar, although another translation has him as Napoléon.” So yeah, COMMUNISM.

Wilbur or Napoleon?

  • Wilbur (67%, 33 Votes)
  • Napoleon (33%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 49

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II) Animatronic Edition

1) Babe (Babe) – Babe, the curious piglet that seems to have a knack for bizarre adventures, earned an unrequited amount of love by treating sheep with respect and winning a sheep herding contest by being nice. He may be incredibly stupid (at least to some dogs), but his warm heart and carefree innocence can win over even the most headstrong wool-producing animal. And to think, Farmer Hoggett almost shot him!

2) Maxwell (Geico commericals) – Geico never met a commercial marketing gimmick it DIDN’T beat mercilessly into the ground (the cavemen, the gecko, the money with the googly eyes, Mike McGlone and his creepy look, the two string-instrument players on that shitty stage), and good ol’ Maxwell is yet another victim. The screaming, pinwheel-loving-turned-playa porker seem to be everywhere nowadays, inescapable but still as cute as a button. Hate him? Tough luck. Get used to it.

Babe or Maxwell?

  • Babe (80%, 37 Votes)
  • Maxwell (20%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 46

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III) Animated Movie Edition

1) Pumbaa (The Lion King) – Ah, Pumbaa, what a wonderful pig! The flatulent but loyal warthog that sticks by Timon’s side may not have all the rocks in his head when it comes to common sense, but he definitely showcases a surprising amount of specific knowledge at random times. He’s big, strong, and easily confused, but when scrounging around for bugs, he’s the best in the business – although he will definitely gorge on his fair share of them.

2) Harry Plopper (The Simpsons Movie) – This extended, 12-dollar-to-see Simpsons episode dropped in this random Homer Simpson gimmick to, basically, use for their commercials. But hey, Harry Plopper is adorable and innocent in all this. And his alter-ego, SpiderPig, is seriously badass with a seriously badass theme song. As much as The Simpsons may have wore out its welcome, Harry Plopper deserves his one spin-off and over-reaching merchandise.

Pumbaa or Harry Plopper?

  • Pumbaa (86%, 43 Votes)
  • Harry Plopper (14%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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IV) Animated TV Show Adorable Pet Edition

1) Waddles (Gravity Falls) – A pet pig that Mabel won at a carnival (after a complicated time travel situation), Waddles is clearly the love of Mabel’s life, and often seems to be a great life coach and a remarkably impartial judge. Soos even got to be inside him at one point, and seemed to love everything about him – save for nearly being the meal for some crazy man with a beard.

2) Abner (Hey Arnold!) – Arnold’s pet pig was “bestowed” upon him by his parents, who received him as wedding gift, then promptly disappeared. Abner is an adorable little tyke, seemingly able to tough it out with the other animals in the building. His favorite food is garbage, which is kinda stereotypical, but hey, it returned him to his rightful owner when he went missing.

Waddles or Abner?

  • Waddles (63%, 30 Votes)
  • Abner (38%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 48

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V) Video Game Edition

1) Pey’j (Beyond Good and Evil) – The uncle to the plucky protagonist reporter Jade, Pey’j is a brilliant tinkerer and mechanic. He has a gruff, grumpy side but definitely cares for those close to him. He also has a badass leadership side to him, as it is revealed that he is the leader of the IRIS network, the station attempting to expose their DomZ overlords of alien corruption. With a guy so busy, how is it that he’s so fat?

2) Ganon [pig form] (Legend of Zelda games) – Sooooo… Ganon, broadly speaking, seems to be a master of different forms, which more or less depends on which “timeline” of Zelda were dealing with. But classic Ganon was, for the most part, portrayed as a blue vicious pig beast that rained down terror across Hyrule. Which is really odd, since killing him takes a few sword swipes and an arrow. THIS is the scourge that we saved the land from?

Pey'j or Ganon?

  • Ganon (68%, 27 Votes)
  • Pey'j (33%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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VI) Wacky Cartoon Edition

1) Porky Pig (Looney Toons) – There was one time that Porky was a fat, stuttering mess. Since then, it seems that he got his life together – he lost weight and got his stuttering under control, transforming it into more of a minor speech impediment. He also went to school and became an accountant, even helping Bugs out on occasion, the same rabbit he often tried to kill and eat. Boy, how times have changed, eh?

2) Hampton J. Pig (Tiny Toons) – Porky’s miniature doppleganger in Spielberg titular foray into after-school animation was a delightful, charming scaredy-cat and neat-freak, who was best friends with the dangerous schemer and manipulator Plucky Duck. Hampton, overall, was not a hugely influential character, but his family (and their outlandish road-trip) single-handedly makes him worthy enough to follow.

Porky or Hampton?

  • Porky (81%, 38 Votes)
  • Hampton (19%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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VII) Unimaginative Name Edition

1) Miss Piggy (The Muppets) – The infamous large swine from one of Jim Henson’s greatest creations is a large mouthed pig dedicated to grabbing attention and the affections of her unrequited love, Kermit D. Frog. Her love for the limelight makes her the most delightful and disturbing diva of the entire Muppets clan, but you can’t really call her out on it – she will “HI-YAH!” you clear across the stage. Say what you want about the gal – she can definitely hold her own.

2) Piglet (Winnie-the-Pooh) – Now this was a book worth analyzing – before Disney cleaned it up with songs and color. Winnie-the-Pooh was a goofy, quiet tale of a boy’s in-depth imagination of his stuffed animals – a British Calvin and Hobbes. Piglet himself was an easily scared stuffed piglet, cute as a button, but kinda clumsy and useless when things got hairy. Still, he’s dependable and fairly loyal, whatever that might be worth.

Miss Piggy or Piglet?

  • Miss Piggy (68%, 34 Votes)
  • Piglet (32%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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VIII) Military-Ranked, Air Pirate-Fightin’ Edition

1) Porco Rosso (Porco Rosso)- An ex-military WW1 flying ace, Porco Rosso was cursed into pig form after fleeing/surviving an aerial dog fight. The talented “Crimson Pig” battles air pirates and cocky American douche-bags, all while staying away from the Italian Air Force who wants him tried for desertion. Porco was just in a bad situation, made worse by inexplicable divine magic, a shot-down plane, pirates that want him dead, and an Air Force that wants him in jail. He sure seems to take it all in stride.

2) Colonel Spigot (Talespin) – The midget military leader of Thembria’s Air Force is kinda pathetic but exerts his power to the fullest nonetheless, mostly in service to please The High Marshall of Thembria himself (in so much that he isn’t sent to the firing squad). His loyal assistant Sgt. Dunder gets most of the abuse, but Spigot can’t avoid all of it, considering his every move is scrutinizes on the threat of immediate execution.

Rosso or Spigot?

  • Colonel Spigot (53%, 20 Votes)
  • Porco Rosso (47%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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Vote early and tell your friends. It’s time to find out which pig is the epitome of anthropomorphic swine in all of entertainment! First round voting will end next Thursday, and results/round two will be revealed on Friday!


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