Gargoyles Hiatus


I will be taking a hiatus on Gargoyles recaps for the next couple of weeks.

I usually squeeze in the write-ups for Gargoyles throughout the weekend, but due to some upcoming writing projects and personal matters (I’m involved in my friend’s wedding among other things), I have to return this show at a later date. I would like to say that they’ll return in December, but the truth is that it’s probably most likely February – there’s a LOT coming down the pipeline.

I still will be doing random essays and other pieces in the interim, whether it’s here or on my tumblr account. And Tumblr Tuesday should still be happening, although most likely they’ll be fewer and fewer links.

Weekly recaps WILL return, and I’ll let you know when they come back. Which sucks, cause I was really getting into the show’s groove.



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