Hiatus and Tumblr


Apologies for the delays, again: last week, I went through a lockdown as I prepped an Archer spec to submit to various writing contests. And this coincided with a major move at work, so I’ve been extremely busy. I swear I have blog pieces ready to go. I just need the time to fine-tune them. (I also have a pitch to prep for an upcoming meeting, so weekly updates probably won’t be happening until July.)

That being said, I DID create a Tumblr account.

This account, for the most part, is for quick thoughts and observations on whatever I may be engaging in at the time, whether it’s a game or TV show or film. They tend to be 5-8 paragraphs of just musings, more (hopefully well-thought-out) opinions, as opposed to the more analytic pieces I write specifically for the blog. Follow along for a random piece of whatever!

Some examples are:

1) My opinion on Bioshock Infinite and its questionable approach to Daisy.

2) Cartoon characters “develop” differently than their live-action counterparts.

3) The inevitable Equestia Girls drinking game.

Fully fledged pieces will be coming soon!


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