Introducing the Cast of my Upcoming Webtoon!

My apologizes, again, for the lack of updates, as I had to prepare the cast for my webtoon for their formal introductions.

Dylan the catMeet Dylan Montgomery.

Dylan is a tabby cat with a panache for the finer things in life. He’s driven to succeed, meticulous and clean, and fancies himself as an intellectual. He’s approachable, but every so often he does get a bit haughty, being from a wealthy family. He’s aware of this, though, and tries to keep his more pompous mannerisms in check.

His moralistic sense tends to be stronger than his will to succeed, disapproving of illegal, unethical, or corrupt methods in order to get ahead, which ends up hurting his chances more than he believes.

David the human
Meet David White.

David is boring, because he’s a human. Beyond that, he’s an aspiring artist who’s actually pretty good at his work, but not so much with hobnobbing and networking. Slightly geeky and very skinny, David knows a little about everything, but can never commit because, like so many post-college graduates, he has no idea what he wants to do -exactly-.

He looks like a hipster, and he can talk like one, but he certainly isn’t one. In fact, he hates them, despite knowing deep down his chances with them are better than making it out there in commercial art.

Chase the dogMeet Chase Rabin.

Chase is a beagle, a canine of adventure and fun. Former urbanized street banger and part frat-boy wannabe, Chase has the energy of a thousands suns inside him, waiting to burst out. Somehow he forces himself to control this (sans meds), simply letting out his excitement through crass jokes, minor acts of aggression, and the free use of bodily functions.

His enjoyment of simple pleasures masks lack of ambition masks his underlying intelligence and willful attitude. He -can- be more productive if he wants to be, but… well, he doesn’t want to be.


Things are coming together. I have the voices selected, which will begin recording this month, and I have the script for the short 98% done. Come September, I hope to have the storyboards in the works!


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  1. #1 by Jon on July 28, 2010 - 1:08 am

    Hey! This looks so cool. I love Chase’s angry expression! Can’t wait to learn more about the project.

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