On My Longer-Than-It-Should-Be Hiatus


Hi! So, you may have noticed there have been a lack of blog posts since December.

I have them semi-ready to go. I need to finish them. And I would have, too, if it wasn’t for a severe stomach bug that put me on my ass for an entire week. When I got better, I had to quickly shift gears and prepare for my LA trip, which is both business and pleasure.

So unfortunately I got behind on the blog. But once this is over I should resume! I have a Proud Family piece coming, along with some more video game posts and more cartoon observations. I also should be able to resume Gargoyles recaps come February.

Thanks again for your patience and have a good 2014!


  1. #1 by Nina on January 13, 2014 - 10:08 pm

    Looking forward to the PF crit, as well as the return of your Gargoyles recaps, especially once you hit the “Avalon World Tour” episodes!

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