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Tumblr Tuesday – 02/04/14

Tumblr Tuesday is back, ya’ll!

After a pretty crazy month of being sick, then going on vacation, then being sick AGAIN, I’m finally healthy and got my creative juices flowing! Strangely enough, tumblr was rather uninteresting during all of January. But I did find some interesting things:

 — First, I share some comments on Paul Dini’s comments on Cartoon Network’s “anti-female demo” policy:

— Some pics of The Proud Family Suga Mama being old and badass (I guess):

— [YAWN] Someone typed out Yakko’s “Countries of the World” song from Animaniacs:

— I seriously need to write about the brilliant insanity of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:

— A terrible but truthful understanding on how we view “evil” people (good for writers aiming for villainous characters):

— George Washington has had it with America’s bullshit:

— Some tutorials on using a grid template for artist types:

— Someone compared various TV shows to famous rappers, and it’s scary how accurate he is:

— Once again, Phineas & Ferb breaks itself for humor, making shows like Community look amateurish:

— Slut-shaming, 16th-century style:

— Drinking differences between Australia and America:

— Slut-shaming, gay-mer style:

— And coming full circle, more people weigh in on Cartoon Network’s “anti-female demo” policy and how utterly, insanely stupid it is:



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Tumblr Tuesday – 12/10/13

Welcome back to Tumblr Tuesday! Looks like this is the only thing I can keep relatively consistent.

Phineas and Ferb digs at Spongebob and also proves itself to be the most clever, exciting, and inventive cartoon on the air:

— Tumblr breaks down the whole “WTF IS UP WITH MILLENNIALS” though-pieces with some blunt but true replies:

— Once again, I can’t stop laughing at how black people view things:

— The great Family Guy bit parodying the Disney animation style was actually drawn by Disney animators:

— BEST OF TUMBLR, involving Aladdin and mistaken identity:

— And a great breakdown of a number of various symbols in modern technology:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 12/03/13

The Thanksgiving holiday kept me busy, but Tumblr Tuesday is back for the next three weeks!

— 4chan’s /co board creates the perfect red-haired female character:

— I wrote about the lackluster appeal of today’s action cartoons:

— There’s apparently a cult dedicated to Gadget Hackwrench in Russia:

— Why The Incredibles is brilliant, in one great character moment:

— And a great GIF-set that explains the martial arts origins of the various bending styles in Avatar: The Last Airbender:


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