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The Great Pig-Off of 2013 – Round 3!

Pig-Off Round 3

We are back with the third Round of the Great Pig-Off of 2013! We’re coming down to the wire! Eager to find out which fictional pig would be the most delicious pop culture pig of 2013! Metaphorically, of course.

I) Wilbur vs. Waddles

Wow. I was completely off here. Looks like the literary cartel came in and took out the film aficionados with an onslaught of votes for Charlotte’s Web’s lead pig over the sheep-herding swine. And, even though I predicted Pumbaa for the win, I did give myself some leeway for the season finale success of Gravity Falls to come in and swap victory from the jaws of the warthog, and true to form, Waddles did. So now it’s the battle of the W’s, and this is looking to be a good one.

I’m look at Waddles for this round, since he seems to be on a hot streak. The narrative crowd may come strong, but the Gravity Falls fans are a voracious bunch.

Wilbur or Waddles

  • Waddles (76%, 19 Votes)
  • Wilbur (24%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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II) Porky vs. Miss Piggy

I’m 0-3 with my predictions here. I thought for sure Ganon could come out on to here, but Porky seems to be a much more efficient than Link, taking down the video game villain with ease. I was right with Miss Piggy though, besting Colonel Spigot with nary a challenge. Now the battle of the P’s begin: the stuttering swine versus the vainest karate-chopping pig on the planet. Another great matchup in the works.

Tough call, but I’m going with Reddit here – Miss Piggy has a solid push into the final round.

Porky or Miss Piggy?

  • Miss Piggy (56%, 14 Votes)
  • Porky (44%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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Vote today! Polls will close on Friday, August , then on to the final round!



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Tumblr Tuesday – 08/13/13

Another short Tumblr Tuesday:

— I plead to keep Bowser’s baddassery intact by getting rid of his crush for the Princess:

— The official recipe for Tiana’s beignets from the The Princess and the Frog:

— Disney goes into “OOH SNAP” mode:

— And photographic evidence that the the image of the overly muscular male is definitely a male power fantasy and NOT an oversexualized image for females:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 08/06/13

Not a lot of personal tumblr posts today, so I’ll just drop some links to some cool stuff I’ve reblogged:

— Proof that we need to knock off the thinking that cartoons are “so bold” getting away with adult gags:

— It’s not a coincidence that the fast food workers’ strike is occurring five years after the 2008 stock market crash:

— Celebrities ought to be recognized for their “best” roles:

— A cute Bowser/Peach comic that runs contrary to my hatred of Bowser/Peach shipping stories:

— And speaking of shipping, a case to get rid of the trigger of all shipping completely:


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