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Tumblr Tuesday – 07/22/14

In surprising (lazy) news, today’s Tumblr Tuesday has been released on Wednesday! Did I just blow your mind? No? Well, maybe these Tumblrs will.

GEX is awesome and we need to see more of him again

The best depiction of Princess (Peach) Toadstool in the history of Super Mario Bros., ever

Spongebob Squarepants tackles sexism

 — More Cats Don’t Dance concept art (I will always post Cats Don’t Dance stuff)

And a hilarious short joke from Dark Place


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Tumblr Tuesday – 07/08/14

Apologies for the lack of Tumblrs! To say I’ve been busy in the last few weeks would be an understatement. Just know there is a heck of a lot of overtime coming my way!

Hey Arnold, after dark

10 Commandments of Typography

We need to accept that Dave Chappelle left his show for a simple, direct reason

The background from the underrated Darkwing Duck video game just makes this picture

We need to talk about Wonder Over Yonder (and I had some issues with some recent episodes!)

The Lion King model sheets

The Amazing World of Gumball mashups

And finally, Teen Titans, after dark


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Tumblr Tuesday – 06/10/14

We continue with catching up with Tumblr Tuesday today!

A quick lesson in confronting people with racist/sexist “jokes”.

Some real life “free-running.”

There’s more going on at Disney than Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man…

There’s an amazing animator cooking up a cute animation you need to check out!

The funniest two GIFs from cartoons, ever – AKA, fuck physics and logic.

I will never not reblog posts disproving that “women are hard to animate” quote.

And some classic trolling from the 1800s.


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