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Tumblr Tuesday – 02/18/14

A better-late-than-never Tumblr Tuesday! Only two posts today though.

— A TWIST IS NOT A LIE (with an added diss against Moffat):

— And a BUNCH OF LINKS that Moffat should take the time to look at (my own diss):


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Tumblr Tuesday – 12/17/13

Most likely the last Tumblr Tuesday of the year! Unfortunately, it’s a small one. Tumblr was sparse for the holidays.

— Some GIFs of Wreck-It Ralph’s Venellope glitching:

— Math made visual and real, thereby cool:

— And, if to end the year perfectly, pictures to represent the days when Spongebob was actually funny:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 12/10/13

Welcome back to Tumblr Tuesday! Looks like this is the only thing I can keep relatively consistent.

Phineas and Ferb digs at Spongebob and also proves itself to be the most clever, exciting, and inventive cartoon on the air:

— Tumblr breaks down the whole “WTF IS UP WITH MILLENNIALS” though-pieces with some blunt but true replies:

— Once again, I can’t stop laughing at how black people view things:

— The great Family Guy bit parodying the Disney animation style was actually drawn by Disney animators:

— BEST OF TUMBLR, involving Aladdin and mistaken identity:

— And a great breakdown of a number of various symbols in modern technology:


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