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Tumblr Tuesday – 12/03/13

The Thanksgiving holiday kept me busy, but Tumblr Tuesday is back for the next three weeks!

— 4chan’s /co board creates the perfect red-haired female character:

— I wrote about the lackluster appeal of today’s action cartoons:

— There’s apparently a cult dedicated to Gadget Hackwrench in Russia:

— Why The Incredibles is brilliant, in one great character moment:

— And a great GIF-set that explains the martial arts origins of the various bending styles in Avatar: The Last Airbender:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 11/12/13

Tumblr Tuesday! Sorry for the one week hiatus. (Although, it looks like there was a two week hiatus, since somehow I missed the last week in October. I will make it up for you today!)

— Graphs that depict nonsense through one’s educational years and that French Fries one is bullshit:

— More visual proof that the commentary that “designing women in Disney animation being is hard” is bullshit:

— While I don’t agree with the full extent of this post, current thoughts of rape culture (and how it ignores prison rape) is bullshit:

— And an anecdote that gets to the heart of why “gifted classes” are bullshit:

— Moving away from bullshit – Lilo & Stitch once again being awesome, showcasing parental figures engaging in kids’ imaginations:

— Great storyboard examples of working with 3D/CGI animation:

— The Martin/Incognito drama in Miami sort of got me riled up about hazing:

— Another example of why Portal 2 is great (as if we need more reasons):

— Get some old school grammar education:

— I’m not the only one who realized the “Spongebob Gets Fired” “news” is a lot of bullshit:

— Someone analyzes magic wand usage in Harry Potter, it’s ridiculous and amazing at the same time:

— And finally, someone breaks down the importance of calories and the myth surrounding them:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 10/22/13

Another Tumblr Tuesday coming your way!

— A political cartoon that nails gender discrepancies in terms of social progression:

— Christ. Even the way students in classrooms on TV and in films are cliched:

— Why dogs are great while being utterly stupid:

— Great poster designs of Darkwing Duck and Scrooge McDuck:

— And a side-by-side rough/final animation of Darla Dimple from Cats Don’t Dance:


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