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Tumblr Tuesday – 03/18/14

Tumblr Tuesday’s back! Full blog posts are still on hiatus, so lets read what other (crazy) people wrote!

– A bit on how strangely gross TMNT got:

– A Super Mario Kart metaphor to explain White Privilege:

– Pretty great trivia on Bugs Bunny being based on It Happened One Night:

– 900% of Young Adult Lit:

– Real life look at the practicality of female armor:

– Buster Bunny poses for various animation studios:

– And a stupidly accurate breakdown of laughter text abbreviations:


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Tumblr Tuesday – 03/04/14

Tumblr Tuesday is tiny again!

– I wrote about Twitch Plays Pokemon – and updated the writeup with a few more thoughts on the victory:

– And some clarifications on various Asian clothing:



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Tumblr Tuesday – 02/25/14

Tumblr Tuesday Time! Tiny one today!

– Pets represent video game consoles, and it’s pretty accurate:

– And three pictures that represents CatDog in a nutshell:


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