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Tumblr Tuesday – 07/29/14


Apologies for placing Tumblr Tuesday for the second week in a row on a Wednesday. I was visiting doctors all day on Monday, and had to play catch-up at work all day Tuesday. I assure you, I DO know my days of the week.

GIFs of Naveen from a feature of The Princess and the Frog on the DVD

— I need to support my friend and animator for my future webtoon more often. He creates a comic called Wuffle, an all-ages-appropriate treat that’s cute, funny, and adorable. This is a small off-comic he made for a reward for a donation.

[You can check out Wuffle here!]

— And some grammar tips, with pics and examples


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Still Alive post

Every couple of months I disappear from this blog, but I assure you it’s for good reason every time. This recent hiatus had me utterly absorbed in finishing up some TV spec scripts for three different contests coming up: ABC/Disney Fellowship, the National Latino Media Coalition, and the WB Writer’s Workshop. In addition to writing and re-writing the necessary specs to submit to these contests, I have been filling out tons of forms and revising my resume and scribing submission essays. I feel like I’m applying to college again. In a funny way, I kinda am.

Luckily all of this will be done by next week, when I print everything out and send it off into the void, hoping to get chosen for at least one of them. I also may take a small break, as I’ve been throwing so much stuff down on paper that I’m somewhat worn out. I’ll post a thing here or there but I do need to get back onto the Survival Instincts webtoon and concentrate on some other real life concerns, at least until the summer. Then it’ll be back to the blog posts. I hope I can start engaging in some type of recap of animated shows and other overlooked goodies – I managed to find a few friends who want to watch them along with me.

We shall see.


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Oh Hai Blog

Hey, I have a blog. That’s neat.

While I can’t really make excuses for neglecting this blog for pretty much all of 2011, I do have reasons for the lack of updates. The latter half of the previous year was an inspirational time for me, creative-wise. In addition to the webtoon, I shot out three spec scripts, one for My Little Pony, Phineas and Ferb, and The Looney Tunes Show, all of which I’m genuinely proud of. (I have an unfinished TUFF Puppy spec in the works, too.) 2012 is submitting these specs to various contests and fellowships, hoping for the best come this summer. Also I may be returning to work on KaboingTV, depending on how the beginning of this year goes. AND I’ve been self-teaching myself some basic motion graphics, starting with LiveType, but I hope to get into Motion quite soon.

So 2012 is a year of promises and ambitious ideas. I’ll be sure to keep this place updated more and more with what happens with me and my work. Also I’ll continue with my random musings on the entertainment/media biz (I have old, unposted blogposts that I need to update before releasing to the public.) Childhood Revisited will start up again, and after talking with a few friends, it’ll now include some TV shows and video games as well. Nothing wrong with expanding the scope of the feature, especially since some of those shows and games hold up surprisingly well. Definitely looking forward to that.

So here’s to a more productive and successful 2012 for everyone. It’s tough out there, so we need to be more dedicated and committed than ever.


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